How to make me really, really want to help you (awesome networking tip)
This is something I’ve blogged about and talked about quite a bit, but yesterday I got an email that reminded me of how powerful this technique is.

And when I say technique, I’m saying this is something that awesome networkers do, whether they are introverts or extroverts, whether they are power connectors or have neglected their networking for a long time. In other words, you can do this right now, today (probably).

I got an email from a friend. A number of weeks ago I sent an email introducing this friend to someone he should network with. Don’t you do that – introduce two of your contacts to each other? His reply was very simple, one line:

“Thanks for the introduction to so-and-so. I called her and we had a really nice conversation.”

That. Was. It.

No reporting on what their conversation was, no gushing over-the-top thank you. Just a quick confirmation that he actually acted on the introduction.

You see, when I make an introduction to people in my network I am risking. When I hit send I secretly hope that you and the other person will connect, and maybe even get value out of your new relationship.

Many times, I’m left hoping, and never know what happens. Because too many people don’t follow-up. Many times I forget, so it’s no big deal. But if I’ve introduced you to a heavyweight in my network I’m going to wonder, and perhaps worry, just a little bit. I’m going to be hopeful, but I’m usually not going to ask if you even got my email (because you didn’t follow-up).

If you do follow-up, with a simple one-liner, like what the person emailed me above, I will be really excited, and here’s why: I’ll know I can trust you with my introductions and contacts.

Honestly, when I got the email above my thought was this: “Who else could I introduce to this person? He actually appreciates it, and follows-up on it!”

I wanted to work for him, right then! I wanted to help him. And the trust level increased significantly.

Want to make someone really want to help you? Simply follow-up with them, especially if they have “given” you anything, whether that is an introduction, advice, or anything like that.