Analyzing Your Process of Seeking Referrals and Leads
Every job-seeker struggles with a different aspect of job search. In your case, the career course, preparation and live networking came quite easily. Where you are currently struggling is increasing warm leads and referrals from your personal contacts. This is of major importance in conducting an effective MBA job search at your career and salary level.

Consider the following: Since I wasn?t there to hear your conversations/requests, these are just guesses:

- You?re not giving your networking contacts the best or right information to effectively refer you to an employer for consideration. Do they have a current copy of your resume? Have you spent time explaining it? Do they understand it?

- Giving your contacts the right information is like training a team. You need to have a very focused career goal and industry target and then must convey it succinctly to your team. Your team must clearly understand your career goals and then convey it again to potential contacts/leads of theirs. Perhaps the goals are more vague and so they do a poor job of representing/selling you. Or something may be lost in translation.

- Ensure you actively market yourself to your network (within appropriate boundaries of etiquette). Getting your network of contacts to share the right information about you is essential.

I hope this analysis helps