Patty Azzarello is an executive with more than 25+ years of experience working in high tech and business. She has been successful in running and transforming large and small businesses, and has significant international management experience. Patty became the youngest general manager at HP at the age of 33. She ran a $1B software business at the age of 35 and became a CEO for Euclid Software the age of 38. Patty was recently featured in Forbes magazine in a column called Women We Love. She is currently the founder of Azzarello Group. She is an executive, speaker, business leadership advisor, and is the author of the best selling book RISE: 3 Practical Steps to Advancing Your Career, Standing Out as a Leader (and Liking Your Life).

Azzarello Group helps leadership teams execute better and drive change, and helps managers think and work more strategically, and develop people.