Company Overview

Hi. Welcome to Inpro!
We’re glad you’re here! First things first - we’re obsessed with buildings. How they look. How they work. How they make us feel. How they impact the environment. How they protect safety, health and appearance. And how they're protected from people and Mother Nature. That’s why we’re here. To learn the what, how and where we obsess, keep scrolling!

What we do
Since 1979, we’ve been a global provider of high-performance, design-forward architectural products for commercial buildings. Our product categories include door + wall protection, washrooms, expansion joint systems, privacy, elevator Interiors, architectural signage, and commercial window treatments.

Door, Wall + Elevator Protection
Sure, Wall Protection is where it all started, but we didn’t stop there. Direct from our floors to your doors, there are a variety of architectural wonders for every space, all in one place!

Our Philosophy

The heart of our culture
The heart of our culture is about protecting buildings and the people who live and work in them. This is only possible by having a great team of employees who are obsessed with making sure our customers are successful.

Because our employees are such an instrumental part of ensuring that success, we hold them to a high standard of conduct. Inpro has no tolerance for hateful acts, discrimination, unethical behavior or any other forms of misconduct that does not reflect our corporate philosophy and values. We constantly work to foster a culture of service, respect, innovation and responsibility. We are committed to the ongoing pursuit of these values in our actions with our customers, employees and anyone in the communities we serve.

We are grateful for those who have worked with us and who have had the opportunity to let us demonstrate our culture firsthand.

Job Searching? Work With Us!

We’re happy you’re interested in a career with us. The information on this page should give you a taste of what it would be like to work here. So check it out, take a spin, peep a glimpse, give it the old once over – you know what to do!

We’re a little bit obsessed, but in a good way. You see, we obsess because we care. We care about our employees, our customers and the people using our products. And every Inpro superstar, in their own meaningful way, contributes to our obsessive culture. Watch the video to learn who we are and why we do what we do.

Company Summary
InPro Corporation
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